Choosing The Best Maid And Cleaning Service For Your Home



Hiring a maid or cleaning service to clean your home is not a decision to make lightly. The primary reason for this is trust. These individuals will be in your home and around your valuables and personal belongings. Trust is of particular importance if the cleaning team or maid service will be in your home when you are not there. Another factor in your decision is ensuring they will do a good job. It is also a financial investment to hire a cleaning team or maid service. It is useful to research your options before making a decision on hiring a maid and cleaning service.

If you are busy, hiring someone to clean your home can be a life saver. The less time you have to spend keeping your home clean, the more time you have for family. All maid and cleaning services are not created equal. It is important to understand how they work and know you are hiring a firm or individual you can trust.

Talk with several maids and cleaning agencies before hiring one to clean your home. Ensure each company requires their cleaning staff to be bonded. This helps protect you against loss or theft. Verify with the cleaning agency that anyone they send to clean your home is insured and that you will not be liable for injuries or damage to your home.

Also, ask each company to provide letters of recommendation or a list of references you can call to ask about their experience with the cleaning company. It is also important to ask how long the company has been in business. It speaks to the integrity of the company if they have been around for many years.

Ask the company if the same person will be cleaning your home each time. Often, if you hire a large cleaning company, they will send out different people depending upon who is on the schedule. It is best if you can get to know a single individual or team and become comfortable with them.

As you speak with the agencies, ask them about their rates. Do you want someone to clean once a week, monthly or just a one-time seasonal job like window washing? You should clearly define the scope of the job and explain what you want and your expectations. Describe any unique factors involved in cleaning your homes such as high ceilings or shelves. Will the cleaning crew be willing to use a stepladder to reach these areas? Do you want your baseboards done every time or your chandeliers cleaned? It is important to get all of this worked out before the cleaning team or maid service begins cleaning your home.

Once you’ve hired a maid and cleaning service, you should be there the first couple of times they clean. You can check on their work and let them know if you want something done differently. Before they arrive, do not worry about cleaning your home. That is their job. It is a good idea to pick up any clutter so they can clean quickly and efficiently. For The best cleaning service in your area, visit

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